Our HRO Services include full service HR including following the activities that come under

  • Onboarding – From Joining Formalities to Document Check to Payroll Set-up
  • Data Management & Ongoing Transactions-Employee Letters Leave Management, Employee File & Record management
  • Payroll Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Statutory Compliance Management & Coordination- Online Tools
    • Employee Benefits Management (PF/ESCI/Leave Benefits / Insurances… etc..)
    • Various Labor laws compliances as per applicable acts
    • Getting different labor licenses
    • Facilitation of Compliance Audits
  • HR Helpdesk Set-up- Email/Phone/Web as per the fitment
  • Training Administration and Management
  • PMS- Performance Management System- Administration and Coordination
  • Exit & FFS Activities

We have strong practice of statutory compliance services which can be provided independently or as a part of complete HRO. Specific to statutory compliance we provide consultancy in order to have100 % compliance covering the whole of India. We cover all the following but not limited to:

  • Management of your compliance’s- Renewals to timely returns and liasioning with statutory bodies
  • Auditing of your vendors and Compliance report
  • Few of the major acts that we cover:
    • Employee Social Security & Payroll
      • Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act-1952
      • Employee’s State Insurance Act-1948
    • Labor Law Compliance
      • Shops and Commercial Establishment Act-1961
      • Factories Act-1948
      • Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
      • Payment of Wages Act-1936
      • Payment of Bonus Act-1965
      • The Contract Labor (Regulation & Abolition) Act -1970
      • Equal Remuneration Act-1976
      • Maternity Benefit Act-1961
      • Workmen Compensation Act-1923
      • Labor Welfare Fund Act-1965
      • Industrial Establishment National and Festival Holidays Act – 1963
      • Profession Tax Act – 1976
      • Conducting/Attending Vendor Compliance Auditing
  • Our consultants keep updating the ever-changing regulations and guide our clients to update and change as per the times.
    • Every organization is driven by processes some are deep rooted and few ad-hoc as per the situational scenarios. All managers and stakeholders strive to follow and comply to standard processes but still there are instances where the system dynamics play the role and both large as well as small organizations tend to overlook or bypass the defined systems.
    • BONZER Global HRSS    team work with your organization to Audit the process compliance and identify the gaps along with suggestions and advisory guidelines on bridging the gaps that includes training as well as re-designing the process as per the changing times and systems.
    • We help you improve and be compliance without loosing productivity.
    • Some of the major areas but not limited to includes:
      • Employee Records
      • Recruiting – Equal Opportunities and skill based hiring as defined by the organization
      • On-boarding compliance including document checks
      • Training and Leave Management
      • Performance Management
      • Employee Social Security/ Labor law compliance Audits
      • Employee Separation
      • Organization Study & Mapping of process flows
      • Develop the audit plan and Prepare stakeholder review questionnaire for audits
      • Collect, Verify and analyze the data
      • Benchmark results against internal and/or external measures
      • Report the gaps and findings
      • Create a plan to address non conformists and strengthen the value chain
      • Onboarding – From Joining Formalities to Document Check to Payroll Set-up
      • Data Management & Ongoing Transactions-Employee Letters Leave Management, Employee File & Record management
      • Payroll Management
      • Benefits Administration
      • Statutory Compliance Management & Coordination- Online Tools
        • Employee Benefits Management (PF/ESCI/Leave Benefits / Insurances… etc..)
        • Various Labor laws compliances as per applicable acts
        • Getting different labor licenses
        • Facilitation of Compliance Audits
      • HR Helpdesk Set-up- Email/Phone/Web as per the fitment
      • Training Administration and Management
      • PMS- Performance Management System- Administration and Coordination
      • Exit & FFS Activities

      BONZER Global HRSS  provides comprehensive full HR service to clients by bringing the technical domain expertise as well as ability to hire & retain best people We have:

      • Experienced workforce and recruiting resources to map, identify and hire the talent.
      • Domain Expertise (IT/CAD/FEA) and technical infrastructure to evaluate and train the people before bringing to client.
      • Proprietary web based empower system to manage the staffing lifecycle and HR management system.
      • Internal HR Policies & team structure to manage the workforce.
      • Tied up with nationally recognized 3rd party agencies to do BG checks, provide insurances etc. as per client needs
      • Provide Contract/Contract-to-hire/Permanent recruitments as per the need of the clients.
      • Support both Technical as well as non-technical domains with equal ease.

        The permanent staffing recruitment practice of GHRMS caters to providing companies, with talents at all levels and domains for their direct positions. We believe success of a company depends on the people who are involved in the day to day activities of the company.

        Our sourcing strategy is based on conventional and non-conventional methods and targeted towards meeting the talent needs of the clients. We are highly equipped with technically sound consultants who are capable of taking the candidates through step by step process so that they can effectively evaluate the candidates and place them as required. 

        GHRMS identifies prospective candidates for various positions in a company, who can easily buy in to the goals of the organization and also adapt themselves with the culture of the organization.Assessments are made based on various facts defined by the clients as well as our expertise gained over several man years of delivering similar services. We also possess technical capability to assess the candidates on varied parameters.

        Advantages of permanent staffing to the companies

        • Right solution to complete key roles
        • Reduces training period and training cost
        • Improves productivity and profitability
        • Cost benefits and controls costs

        Advantages of permanent staffing to the Employees

        • Job security
        • Company paid benefits and training
        • Advancement opportunities and social constant
          OUR PEOPLE


          Z BONZER Global HRSS  team carries several man-years of experience in handling global HR assignments and offer immaculate deliveries to its client.

          2.Technology Driven.
          We are a team of people who are into people business but use technology to drive and automate processes and activities that need to change with the global business needs


          Our team ensures that once the assignment is taken-up; we must be accountable to its fulfilment. In order to achieve mutual success, our team works with client stakeholders to work through metrics and agreed service level agreements (SLA’s)

            Human Resource Consultancy

            For survival in the era of globalization, proper management of Human Resources is equally important as recruitment of suitable manpower. We render professional Human Resource Consultancy in India. We have a team of experienced and well-qualified HR Professionals who work in close proximity to the clients. The team develops personalized HRM Strategies as per the work culture and business goals of the clients. From Recruitment, Payroll Management, Employee Retention, etc., to coordination between different departments, we suggest the best strategies for all.

              Advantages of BGHRSS’s Payroll Management Solutions:
              • A complete payroll management solution with real-time reporting
              • Compliances management solutions
              • Single Contract, Single Point Of Contact and a Single Centralized Solution for a multi country environment
              • Open Integration Platform and Single Sign on (SSO) for integration with client systems and In Country Partners
              • SaaS platform for Employee Self Service (ESS) /MSS/HRSS, and Localization
              • Secure internet based technology
              • High levels of service, support and training
              • Management of overall programme plan including In-country Payroll Providers
              • Local representation, with multi-lingual capability where required
                What is the statutory compliances in HR?

                Statutory compliance, in HR, refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate, in the treatment of their employees. … Therefore, dealing with statutory compliance requires for companies to be well-versed with the various labor regulations in their country of operation

                Our Compliances Services Includes:

                Auditing Services

                We conduct statutory compliance audits/reviews for Employer and its contractors/ sub-contractor Methodology

                • Understanding relevant compliance requirement
                • Evaluation of clients statutory compliance record
                • Evaluation of any associated vendor statutory record
                • Examination and Review (All statutory records & documents maintained for compliance)
                • Gap analysis & preparation of report
                • Preparation of report highlighting area of non-compliance
                • Discussion of recommendation with management
                • Detailed report highlighting any deficiencies in the client’s current statutory compliance system.
                  Why Does My Company Need HR Services?

                  It is true that many companies forgo hiring HR staff in their initial years. However, this is a risky decision. When you do not have an HR staff, your company is more liable for lawsuits. Your employees do not have a neutral party to discuss issues with, nor is there a specialist ensuring that all your hiring paperwork is appropriately completed.

                  While it might not seem necessary at first to invest the time and money into hiring HR services, realistically you can’t afford not to. HR provides vital support for your staff through conflict resolution and training, helps with budget management, and ensures that your company is compliant with employment laws and regulations.

                    Which Is Right for Me: Full-Service or Partial HR Outsourcing?

                    When choosing to outsource your HR services, it is important to know exactly what your business needs. Some companies choose to use solely outsourced HR services, while for some companies partial outsourcing is the better option. The needs of your specific company will determine which outsourcing resources you need and the service that you select. However, here a few things to consider for each option.

                    Full-Service HR Outsourcing

                    Full-service human resource outsourcing is a good option if you own a small company and cannot yet afford to hire HR personnel. It is also a good option if you have staff in different parts of the world and need HR staff to work with remote employees. By outsourcing these services, a company ensures that it remains in compliance while working with employees and can provide a healthy working environment.

                    When companies skimp on HR, they put themselves and their employees at risk. A full-service HR company can help you appropriately manage day-to-day HR tasks like reporting misconduct, ensuring work safety compliance and coordinating insurance benefits. They can also work closely with your payroll team to handle compensation. In addition to day-to-day tasks, you can request services like recruiting and employee training.

                    If you have no HR or an inexperienced HR staff in your company, full-service HR outsourcing is probably your best option. It provides the resources of a full HR staff to oversee your company’s needs without the expense of hiring a whole team.


                    Partial HR Outsourcing

                    Partial outsourcing is a good choice for companies that have HR staff but need extra help. For example, maybe you have an HR representative to handle hiring and ensure that employment paperwork is correctly filed. However, HR is more than compliance and staff support. It can be an important resource for employee training and development. If you do not have the resources or desire to hire a full-time training specialist, you can outsource this service.

                    The most common trainings that HR outsourcing services provide include software and processes training, though other options are available. The best HR outsourcing service will work with you one-on-one to determine the training that’s best for your company’s employees.

                    Other common partial outsourcing services include payroll outsourcing, employee screenings and background checks, employee recruitment, and immigration compliance. If you have a small HR staff that is burdened by workload or inexperienced in certain functions, like immigration paperwork, then partial outsourcing is the best solution for your company’s HR needs.

                      HR Outsourcing vs. Automation Software

                      When determining the best HR option for you, you may wonder if it is better to outsource specific services or to automate them. Depending on your business and its needs, the answer mostly likely falls somewhere in the middle. A little bit of each is a good way to streamline your HR services and maximize productivity. 

                      HR outsourcing services provide administrative HR tasks and other HR functions on behalf of your company. Though representatives work closely with you to meet your company’s needs, you are handing the reins of certain services over to an outside organization. One benefit of this is that it completely frees up your time so that you can focus on growing your business. However, when you outsource, you have less involvement and control over day-to-day operations, which could lead to a disconnect in the company’s culture.

                      HR automation services, available as software or SaaS, give you the tools to maintain your HR files securely. These services help you accurately complete hiring and payroll forms that are compliant with employment rules and regulations.

                      In addition to HR automation services, other services can help your HR team perform at its best. Employee scheduling software and time card software help HR staff easily track and manage employee schedules and accruals. If your employees frequently receive tips, you may also want to look into POS systems, which integrate with payroll software to make it easier to track and claim employee tips in your business taxes.

                      Though some automation and HR outsourcing services would have you believe that you must select one over the other, a combination of the two might be the best answer for your business. For example, if you have a small designated HR team in your company, HR automation software can help them handle a large volume of employee paperwork without being overwhelmed. At the same time, you can hire an outsourcing service to run a hiring and recruitment campaign or provide intermittent employee trainings so you do not have to overburden in-house HR representatives.

                      There is no one right way to run your company’s HR. If you want to maintain control of certain HR functions, like payroll, but do not want to focus on other areas, like recruitment, then a combination of automation and outsourcing is a good choice.

                      For some companies, automation services will be all they need, while others may rely solely on outsourcing. However, for many companies, a combination of both works well for meeting HR needs.

                        Sensitive Data and Legal Considerations

                        HR is responsible for maintaining employee confidentiality in compensation and personal matters, and for ensuring your company’s compliance with federal regulations surrounding health care, 401(k) plans and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA).

                        Another important function of HR is to ensure your company follows legal processes when hiring, especially when hiring noncitizens. Immigration compliance at both the state and federal level is a complicated process that your HR staff may not have expertise in. If your company frequently hires immigrants, it is important to find an HR outsourcing service with experience in immigration services. This helps to protect your company against unintended violations of immigration law, which can be extremely costly.

                        The HR outsourcing service that your company partners with should give you the option to select a full-service package or pick and choose which services are best for your business right now. It should also have expertise in employment compliance to protect your company against penalties or lawsuits. Each service in this buying guide offers comprehensive packages to assist your company with its HR needs so that you can focus on other tasks pertinent to your business’ success and growth

                          Best for Payroll Management

                          Payroll is more than just the amount your staff gets each paycheck. It has functions, some of which can be complicated to complete. Your payroll must be compliant with health care regulations and other government taxes. If your payroll is done incorrectly, it could result in problems for your business and delay payment to your workers. ADP offers payroll services that help you streamline your payroll process, while ensuring the information is correct and compliant.

                          Best for Employee Development

                          Employee training is an important tool for keeping your workforce and company competitive. HR outsourcing companies can create custom plans for your company’s needs to help you train and develop the best employees. They can also provide performance management plans to help workers who have fallen off track to catch up. G&A Partners is the best example of a service that offers training and performance-boosting guidance.

                          Best for Small Businesses

                          Small businesses face unique challenges; most fail within the first five years of operation. HR outsourcing can be an important tool for small businesses. It can help them recruit the best talent, while also freeing up existing company resources so that employees can focus specifically on running and growing the company. HR outsourcing is also a good option since small businesses often do not have the funds to hire an HR staff. Paychex is an HR outsourcing company that offers services specifically designed for businesses with 50 employees or fewer.

                            Best for Hiring and Recruiting

                            Finding the best employee for the job is a critical component of any business’ success. Having the assistance of a well-trained HR representative while hiring and recruiting individuals for your company can be the difference between finding the perfect fit and hiring an employee who doesn’t work out. Insperity offers comprehensive background and drug screening packages and pre-employment reports to help you during your company’s hiring and recruiting process

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